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Thursday, 19 April 2007


Revolutionary programme - Zimbabwe youths

April 19, 2007, 8 hours and 8 seconds ago.
By youth arise
The founding of Free-Zim Youth and Zimbabwe Youth Movement opened a new chapter in the just and historical struggle of the people of Zimbabwe for national independence and self-determination. Preceding progressive organisations had sought liberation through constitutional means and reformist strategies.
Revolutionary programme - Zimbabwe youths
By Free-ZimYouth

Free-Zim Youth and Zimbabwe Youth Movement
Revolutionary programme
In the course of our revolutionary struggle to liberate our country from oppression, imperialism and exploitation, our counterparts and allies have often asked us: What does your movement stand for? What is your programme? What is your ideology Are you a Socialist movement/Pan-Africanist? How is your movement structured? And many other things.
It is to supply some of the answers to these questions that this manifesto was written. The answers are far from complete.
It will only be when we lay aside our camourflash for our pens that the World will know true nature of our revolution and philosophy. Here we have merely provided a preliminary definition of what we conceive to be the Zimbabwe betrayed revolution.
Some people will find flaws in our programme and ideology. We do not apologise for such mistakes. For in a difficult struggle as one we are waging mistakes are bound to occur.
We strongly feel that the publication of this manifesto is imperative and that the material contained therein will provide our supporters and sympathisers with enough useful data to see the direction of the Zimbabwe revolution.
The founding of Free-Zim Youth and Zimbabwe Youth Movement opened a new chapter in the just and historical struggle of the people of Zimbabwe for national independence and self-determination. Preceding progressive organisations had sought liberation through constitutional means and reformist strategies.
FZY and ZYM moved away from this policy. In the words of our Nationalist hero Cde Dr Ndabaningi Sithole:" We have turned away from reformist politics. We now enter the era of take-over politics". " We are our own liberators by direct confrontation"
In launching what we now call "Betrayed Chimurenga" (the unfinished war of liberation) FZY and ZYM is continuing the struggle against oppression, colonialism, and imperialism started by our forefathers in 1896 and 1962.
A new dimension is added to this struggle by the demand for minority independence from the Capitalist rule of Zanu PF and from other neo-liberal systems.
We clearly define the question as under a tyranny, the seizure of majority rule by the Zanu PF regime a former nationalist movement that has betrayed the revolution and have adopted colonialists and imperialist's doctrine of oppression.
A bourgeois nationalist movement that has replaced Rhodesians white bosses by black bosses or white by black privileged classes creating a class struggle.
With the Ideological guidance of our fallen true nationalist heroes Cde Josiah Magamba Tongogara, Cde Joshua Nqabuko Nkomo, Cde Ndabaningi Sithole and Cde Edgar Tekere we have to complete the revolutionary struggle which has been hijacked by Zanu PF bosses. It means that:
(a) Where political power which was in the hands of a foreign minority now black minority, surely it will be wrested from them and placed in the hands of the indigenous African majority;
b) Where today a minority and neo-liberal systems enjoys economic and financial privileges, these will be abrogated and rights of the indigenous people to all natural resources and economic and financial betterment restored to them; and,
(c) Where exploitation and degeneration exist today, there should be real equality, freedom and social justice we repeat social justice.
The movement and the unity of the people
The movement is the vanguard of the revolution. It is the machinery through which the revolution has to be planned, waged and prosecuted and finally consolidated.
The movement must unite all the young Africans in a common struggle against a common enemy-the tyranny. All the African people of Zimbabwe must unite in the common struggle, irrespective of ideological, religious or regional differences.
The unity of the people is absolutely necessary for the successful prosecution of "betrayed Chimurenga" and the full cooperation of Comrades.
Those scapegoats serving the interests of the minority regime of Zanu PF either directly or indirectly must be persuaded to see the true nature of the betrayed Revolution.
The Movement must involve all the oppressed people of Zimbabwe, not only in the common purpose of fighting against oppressive rule and dictatorship, but also in the detailed preparation for a new order (fighting a system).
In the context of World struggle the Movement will join forces with all progressive movements, being Pan-Africanist, Socialist who are ideologically clear in the fight against class supremacy and put power in the hands of the masses of the working class.
Aims and Objectives
We are devoted to the interests of all young Africans and dedicated to the Revolutionary cause of the working class of our country and the globe.
We are committed to and struggle for transformation of Zimbabwe from a Capitalist society to a Socialist society in which there will no exploitation of Africans by another in their motherland.
-To create a free, democratic, independent and socialist Zimbabwe and remove the political domination of the tyranny Zanu PF regime.
-To transform young Africans into cadres to create a Socialist globe.
-To strive to eliminate class struggle, oppression and exploitation.
-To maintain and enforce a clear revolutionary outlook of the struggle.
-To strongly advocate and eliminate private ownership of natural resources (land, minerals) and empower landless peasants, working class.
-Challenge Zanu PF's sell-out of land reform and bourgeois Agrarian reform given to the Zanu PF bosses.
-Reignite the Continental revolution, by disintegrating the neo-colonial, Neo-liberal borders by mobilising the African indigenous on a broader United African Patriotic Front. In the fight for Economic and Political emancipation.


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VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!

VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!
Tichasvika chete!

"....zvama 'dhisnyongoro'....!"

"....zvama 'dhisnyongoro'....!"
The same demo in JHB...more on www.fozc.blogspot.com