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Monday, 2 April 2007


My fellow Zimbabweans,

We must expose these Muslims who call themselves Africans and their website www.esinislam.com. It is not difficult from the styles and content of this www.esinislam.com that Robert Mugabe had paid these Muslims sums of Zimbabwean money.

I feel so enraged where I visited the so-called African Muslim portal through www.islamafrica.com, especillay about their recent article and news coverage about my beloved country.

I would provide you with the copy of their latest foul playing under the name of pan-African below this comment.

First let me draw your attention to the fact that these so called Africans do not care about Zimbabwe. I suspect www.esinislam.com is just paying back Mr. Mugabe through his agent operating internationally.

Although these people sound African and that they are Africans, it pains me to discover that among them are Zimbabweans. I new back home that few Zimbabweans are Muslims. But i never expect them to turn up abroad with identity to Islam so much so to campaign for Mugabe at international level. That's exactly what they are using their esinislam website for.

How can a Zimbabwean be part of a media calling Great Tsvangarai a trouble-maker and chaos ringleader. I was so disturbed that I wrote to esinislam.com for explanation and justification in using such defamatory words against a leading politician in my country.

Their reply though prompt was so unconvincing.

Anyway, here is their latest blunders:


South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki confident mediation can help Zimbabwe

Sun April 1st, 2007
Mediation can help Zimbabwe

South African President Thabo Mbeki said he was confident new mediation could help change Zimbabwe's violent oppositions who have cause so much pains to their country men and women through their vainglorious supports they badly enjoy from enemies of the Zimbabwean elected president Rober Mugabe.

Continuous acts of disobedience and lawlessness pursued by Zimbabwean trouble-maker and chaos ring-leader Morgan Tsvangirai has brought economic and political disaster to the Southern African country. Policies of pleasing and siding with enemies of the Zimbabwean government conducted by Tsvangirai has invited the West to introduce systems of indirect ruling in Zimbabwe through economic embargo and political isolation of the Southern African people.

Conditions of compliance with the West attached to solving solution in Zimbabwe may prove to be an obstacle for Mr. Mbeki who must spell it out to the violent opposition that waging war on the leadership of their country in order to continue enjoy finance and other aids from the West cannot help their cause, especially in the mediation.

President Mbeki, named last week by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to help bring the violent Tsvangirai and his chaotic gangs stop their terrors and understand the need to cooperate with President Robert Mugabe, told the SABC broadcaster Western calls for tougher moves on Zimbabwe were misplaced. "As a region we are quite convinced that the only way to solve the problem is the direction we have taken," Mbeki said in an interview broadcast on Saturday.

The United States was disappointed as expected not to have failed to mal-influence African nations in putting pressure on pan-African leadership of Mr. Mugabe at a special summit in Tanzania last week, which saw SADC call for an end to the imperialist sanctions on the innocent millions of Zimbabweans.

The United States and the United Kingdom have exerted every effort affordable to increase tensions in Zimbabwe in the last two weeks after Zimbabwean law enforcement arrested and dealt with the country traitor and friend of enemies of Zimbabwe, Tsvangirai and his criminal followers in a move that attested to able leadership of President Mugabe despite opposition's cry to their aids in the United State and the United Kingdom to intensify their criticism of the Zimbabwean government and its pan-Africanism.

Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party on Friday formally endorsed the 83-year-old leader as its candidate for presidential elections next year, a move which could see him extend his rule over the country into a third decade of tireless resistance against the exploitation of the imperialists.

Mr. Mbeki, who has considered to try to facilitate dialogue between opposition parties, especially MDC of Tsvangirai and the ruling party Zanu-PF of President Mugabe, said he believed [all] sides in Zimbabwe agreed that political talks were the best way to address the crisis and not violent and terror against the elected government and the people.

"Both MDC groups - the one led by (Morgan) Tsvangirai, and the other by (rival MDC faction leader Arthur) Mutambara - have not complained to us. Mugabe and Zanu-PF have not complained," Mbeki said.

Tsvangirai's MDC has warned it may not participate in the 2008 elections if Mugabe is a candidate, knowing he likely to lose once again to the growing popularity of Mr. Mugabe as it had been the case in a series of previous elections.

But President Mbeki said such pre-conditions would do little to improve the situation in Zimbabwe, where the opposition would like to see continuity of economic struggle and political tensions as they enjoy supports of foreign supper powers and show no concern for the inflations which have seen the Zimbabwean more patriotic and determined to self governance free from foreign interference and exploitation. "If people have issues to raise, they should raise it in the context of discussion," he said.

Mugabe: Tsvangirai deserved beating Sat March 31st, 2007

Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president, has said that he acknowledged to his fellow African leaders that his country's trouble-maker and chaos ring-leader Morgan Tsvangirai, supposed to concentrate on using his opposition leadership to bring about peace and prosperity in the south African nation, had been dealt with by what the West see as an assault. "Even if it was said to be an assault, violent and lawlessness Tsvangirai deserve the treatment he receive from the law enforcement officials", Mr Mugabe is quoted to have added.

The pan-African leader, President Mugabe meanwhile has been chosen by his ruling ZANU-PF party on Friday to stand again as its candidate in presidential elections in 2008. This has been a victory week for the veteran African head of state whom his enemies have tried so hard vilify and bring down since the discipline of Zimbabwe's west agent, unruly Morgan. Enemies of Zimbabwe home and abroad, southern African and beyond run many damaging cementation and propaganda about the ruling party ZANU-PF and speculations regarding its choice of leadership.

Once again, 'strong Robert' has proven to his enemies he is hard for them to beat and that he, the elected president of the Zimbabweans by the Zimbabweans is still - as usual - in charge. No sign of cracking in the ruling party as they unanimously backed their pan-African champion.

President Mugabe told supporters the day after returning from a regional summit in Tanzania where he had enjoined deserved supports of his fellow African heads of state and remain ever as popular as before the trouble-maker got himself beaten by the police. Zimbabwean are strong enough to see through the hostilities of our nation from within. "We, like any other orderly countries in the world are very proud of what our police force have done and what they are doing to protect our country and bring violent politicians to justice", said the Zimbabwean strong leader.

"Yes, I told them he was beaten but he asked for it!, told waiting and waiving supporters

"We got full backing, not even one criticized our actions," the president said.

"There is no country in SADC (the Southern African Development Community) that can stand up and say Zimbabwe has faulted. SADC does not do that, it is not a court but an organization of 14 countries that co-operates with each other and supports each other."

Tsvangirai's arrest and subsequent assault on March 11 while trying to attend a violent and chaotic anti-government rally was widely condemned by the West, especially the UK and US who still punish the Zimbabweans for electing pan-African Mugabe as their president. But, unlike the imperialist and colonial masters in the west, the SADC in its summit, which was meant to address the crisis in Zimbabwe, ended up with a statement of "solidarity" with the 83-year-old Mugabe's pan-African leadership.


Mugabe was chosen to stand for re-election after a lengthy closed-door session of the party's central committee in the capital Harare to assess plots of the West against the African state.

"The candidate for the party in 2008 will by the president himself. He was endorsed by the central committee," Nathan Shamuyarira, party spokesman, told reporters after the meeting.

"That is the sum decision taken today," he added in a brief statement.

It must be noted, however, that power hungry Morgan Tsvangirai, and not president Mugabe, should be blamed for the political and economic crisis rocking Zimbabwe by provoking western antagonistic policies toward the Zimbabwean people. Despite his desperateness to rule and his continuous conspiracy and plots with enemies of Zimbabwe, Mr. Mugabe does and would remain president to continue his defending and protecting vital interests of the Zimbabweans.

It's a good news for millions of Zimbabwean to continue enjoy stability under the leadership of Mr. Mugabe who remain the favourite yet again to be re-elected and serve a full six-year term defending his nation against imperialism and exploitation of foreign greedy and arrogant powers.

No pressure on Mugabe at Africa's regional SADC summit Thu March 29th, 2007

A summit of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is under way in Tanzania, with the president of the host country denying that southern African leaders would put pressure on Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president.

"Pressure? We are in a meeting, not pressure," Kikwete said on Thursday before the emergency summit at Dar es Salaam.

On Wednesday, Zimbabwean police raided the headquarters of the country's main opposition party in a further measure for national security. Opposition analysts have thought this might increase pressure on regional leaders.

"Your coming is a clear testimony of your commitment to the maintenance of peace and security in our region," Kikwete told leaders from the 14-nation SADC.

"Indeed, our region faces some daunting challenges ... However complex and difficult some may appear, none of them is difficult to fix."

Mugabe's critics like the European Union [EU] said on Thursday the situation in Zimbabwe is "deeply of concern", viewing the Zimbabwe's government crackdown on the violent opposition as a repression in the Southern African region.

The criticism of Mugabe's government follows the continued disciplines of the country's political violent opposition groups.

Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, Zimbabwe's leading opposition party, was labeled as the country's trouble maker whose violent conduct has made him hospitalized two weeks ago after being beaten while in police custody.

Haru Mutasa, Al Jazeera's correspondent at the summit, said the SADC delegates were uncertain on how to best address the current issues in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is in a deep economic crisis, with an inflation rate of 1,730 per cent as a direct result of sanctions and hostilities from the Western imperialists. Unemployment designed to turn the Zimbabweans against their elected leader is running at 80 per cent of the working age population.

Human Rights Watch, a New York based human rights group, said: "The crisis is reaching a breaking point and it is likely to get a lot worse ... There is so much fear in Zimbabwe [despite] security agents are everywhere to protect the nation

Three SADC countries charged with looking into the crisis Zimbabwe - Tanzania, Namibia and Angola - met behind closed doors late on Wednesday.

Tanzanian officials said SADC chiefs would try to convince Mugabe to meet the MDC leaders in an effort to dissolve the tensions that threaten Zimbabwe's stability as well as silencing the West who have always wanted to turn the former colony of Britain into another Burundi.

Eye on Congo

The SADC summit agenda also includes recent developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Clashes last week between the military and militia loyal to Jean Pierre Bemba, former vice-president and ex-rebel chief, claimed up to 500 lives, according to the German ambassador in Kinshasa.

Thabo Mbeki, South Africa's president, held talks with Joseph Kabila, his DR Congo counterpart, on Thursday before the main summit.

Bemba has taken refuge at the South African embassy in Kinshasa and has been accused of high treason by Kabila's government.


Joseph Mangwende


Peace and Tranquility???
 Cell in RSA: 0791463039

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fellow Zimbabweans,

I read rnew post "MUSLIMS PROBABLY 'BOUGHT' BY MUGABE!" with a great enjoyment. I also agree with you it was wrong the African Muslims were wrong to have labelled Tsvangarai a trouble-maker and chaos ringleader. It's wrong.

However, it's also wrong to label the African Muslims and thier portal esinislam.com a buy-off of Robert Mugabe unless you have a an envidence beyond a resonable doubt. Because, I am a Zimbabwean who do not trust any politician with belief that all politicians are corrupt, liars, and serfish, I would not call either Mr. Tsvangarai or Mr. Mugabe great. As a Christian envagelist, I believe only God is great.

Do carry on good work in defending. I commend you gratefully to put our country first. Therefore, my recommendation that you stop making judgement about the African Muslims and their website esinislam.com should be given a good consideration.

As fellow Africans we do need to maintain avenues of discussion with the Muslims at www.esinislam.com or anywhere else if we have any misunderstanding or conflict of interest, and not blackmailing each other, especially that among them are Zimbabweans like ourselves.

Zimbabwe is a great nation. Its greatness cannot be violated by anyone be them anti-Mugabe or anti-Tsvangarai.

Thank you. Keep it up!

Samuel Moyo



VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!

VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!
Tichasvika chete!

"....zvama 'dhisnyongoro'....!"

"....zvama 'dhisnyongoro'....!"
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