Who exactly is this Radical Soldier? By the time we need to write his obituary....it will be too late to ask. Please also check www.zimfinalpush.blogspot.com and related websites.

The rise and fall of Rhodesia etc...




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Tuesday, 10 April 2007



Message Board
Historical Views
Zimbabwe Watch
Tuesday, April 10, 2005 Map of Zimbabwe
Contact us at: zimbabwecrisis@yahoo.com or post your comments on the Message Board

Zimbabwe: US Interference Backlash
April 09, 2007 - By Ayinde

Zimbabwe: Talk Left, Funded Right
April 08, 2007 - By Stephen Gowans

The US Government Sponsors Terrorism in Zimbabwe
April 07, 2007 - By Ayinde

Zimbabwe: The US Government Exposed
April 06, 2007 - By K. Elford

The U.S. acknowledges sponsorship of public events in Zimbabwe aimes to undermine the President
The U.S. State Department acknowledged that sponsorship of public events in Zimbabwe had an aim to undermine the government of President Robert Mugabe. In it annual report on supporting democracy worldwide, the department said its strategy for Zimbabwe also included steps to "support persons who criticized the government."

US reveals its efforts to topple Mugabe regime
"...the US government continued to support the efforts of the political opposition, the media and civil society to create and defend democratic space and to support persons who criticised the government."

On-The-Record Briefing on the Release of the Report: Q & A
"QUESTION: My question is this: It doesn't appear that this kind of -- that these kind of things, i.e., discrediting the government's excuses for failed policies and support -- overt support for people who are critical of the government, happened, at least is being reported for these other countries. And my question is this: President Mugabe has often talked about how he thinks the West, the United States and Britain in particular, are trying to -- are trying for regime change in Zimbabwe, and this is exactly what this appears to look like, what you've acknowledged doing through your programs in Zimbabwe. And I'm just wondering, is it the United States -- does the United States believe that it's its responsibility to discredit the government's excuses -- the government and to openly support people who criticize the government? And if it is, which is what you're saying, why is Mugabe wrong when he says that you're trying for regime change?"

U.S. 'Supporting Human Rights and Democracy'
(Code for attempting regime change to one favourable to the U.S.)
Africa: The U.S. Record 2006
Released on April 5, 2007
Africa: The U.S. Record 2005 - 2006
Released on April 5, 2006
Africa: The U.S. Record 2004 - 2005
Released on March 28, 2005

Zimbabwe News

Mbeki defends Zimbabwe's controversial land reform
Friday, April 6, 2007
Where truth should not get in the way of 'good copy'
Friday, April 6, 2007
Workers now aware of ZCTU's irrelevance
Friday, April 6, 2007
US reveals its efforts to topple Mugabe regime
Thursday, April 5, 2007
The U.S. Admits Sponsoring Opposition in Zimbabwe
Thursday, April 5, 2007
Dialogue is the only solution for Zimbabwe crisis
Thursday, April 5, 2007
Zimbabwe: Sadc decision a slap in the face for MDC
Thursday, April 5, 2007
Zimbabwe: Grassroots Lieutenants of Imperialism?
Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Zimbabwe: The Resistance to Colonialism
Monday, April 2, 2007
Zimbabwe: Region shames MDC
Monday, April 2, 2007

¤ More Zimbabwe News...

¤ News 2001-2006


Mugabe victory leaves west's policy in tatters
March 14, 2002
African observers say poll was free and fair

US admits plan to bring down Mugabe
August 22, 2002

The United States government has said it wants to see President Robert Mugabe removed from power and that it is working with the Zimbabwean opposition to bring about a change of administration.
Walter Kansteiner, the assistant secretary of state for African affairs, said "the US was working with trade unions, pro-democracy groups and human rights organisations to bring about change. He did not say how he believed Mr Mugabe could be brought down..."
Shortly after the US official's remarks, a senior Zimbabwean foreign affairs official told Reuters: "The legitimacy of our political system or our president is not dependent on America, Britain or any other country, but on Zimbabweans.
"The bullying tactics that America and Britain are using against us are meant to frustrate our quest for social and economic justice, to stop our programme to redistribute some of the very large tracts of land held by whites here to the indigenous black people."
The US attack on Mr Mugabe came after police began arresting white farmers for defying an August 9 deadline to vacate their land and homes.

Dialogue is the only solution for Zimbabwe crisis
South African Government Communication and Information System
April 05, 2007, By David Masango

Zimbabwe: Grassroots Lieutenants of Imperialism?
April 03, 2007 - By Stephen Gowans

Bond / Gowans debate on Zimbabwe
April 04, 2007 - Bond Responds, Gowans Replies

Zimbabwe's Lonely Fight for Justice
March 31, 2007 - By Stephen Gowans

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni When I hear these people
trying to demonise President Mugabe,
I say you can't demonise a leader
of the liberation struggle and expect
support from us. You are just stupid.

- Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
We won't demonise Mugabe

Brendan Stone interview with Gregory Elich
on the subject of Zimbabwe.
Posted: March 30, 2007

Taylor Report Audio Interviews:
David Barsamian on "Targeting Iran" &
Stephen Gowans on "Mugabe gets the Milosevic Treatment"
Posted: March 30, 2007

Zimbabwe: US and Europe's Disinformation Campaign
March 29, 2007 - By Ayinde

Mainstream Media Demonizes Mugabe
Western Support Damns Opposition

March 27, 2007 - By Ayinde

Mugabe Gets the Milosevic Treatment
March 23, 2007 - By Stephen Gowans

White Liberals Cannot See Truth in Africa
March 23, 2007 - By Ayinde

ZANU-PF Fights Back
March 20, 2007 - By Stephen Gowans

The MDC Must Renounce the Sanctions
March 18, 2007 - By Tadios Chisango

All the Signs of US/European Govt Interference in Zimbabwe
March 17, 2007 - By K. Elford

U.S. and Britain are Fueling Violence in Zimbabwe
March 15, 2007 - By Ayinde

Zimbabwe and Pan-African Liberation
By Gregory Elich

The Wars Against Africa
By Mumia Abu-Jamal

Zimbabwe: White Lies, Black Victims
by Rosemary Ekosso

Psychosis of Denial: Response to 'The anatomy of Zimbabwe's problems'
By Kwanisai Mafa and Netfa Freeman

Can Zimbabwe Become Africa's Cuba?
by Mukoma Ngugi

African Food Exports vs. African Starvation
By Lloyd Hart, www.emergingminds.org

Zimbabwe's Fight For Justice
by Gregory Elich - May 06 2005

One Zimbabwe or Another:
An Interview with Greg Elich

April 15, 2005 - by Mickey Z

Sloppy Criticisms of President Robert Mugabe
April 03-05, 2005 - by Ayinde

Mugabe is Right and these are the Facts
africasia.com New African

Zimbabwe Under Siege by Gregory Elich

Robert Mugabe and the Human Rights Imperialists
By Stephen Gowans

Land Violence and Compensation
Reconceptualising Zimbabwe's Land and War Veterans' Debate
By Tapera Knox Chitiyo

Mugabe: Opponents are 'traitors'
RastafariSpeaks.com Message Board

Reasoning Land Reform and Mugabe
RastafariSpeaks.com Message Board

UK deportations of Zimbabweans, a ploy
RastafariSpeaks.com Message Board

President Bush's Visit To Africa
and Colin Powell's Letter in New York Times 23-6-2003

Africa Strategy notes with sadness and shame the degree of hypocrisy in which the current Right wing Republican Administration of George Bush has conducted its foreign policy on Africa. The forth coming African tour of Bush between 7-12 July 2003 is designed to threaten the peace and widen the gaps between moderate states and war mongers in Africa.

Whites Must Give Up the Land!
Today, Europeans own almost all the land in the Americas, almost all the good land in Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania, and most of the best land in many African countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. To acquire this land outside Europe, Europeans did not use law, justice or money.

No Sanity Left In British Journalism
By Dr. David Nyekorach - Matsanga in London
What a travesty of journalism! And what has become of this world of the Queen? Is the end of the world nearing? Where will it begin? Are there any more intelligent journalists left in Britain? Democracy, good governance, public accountability, redounds positively on good journalism. But when all papers turn yellow like the editors who allow these stories to appear in Britain then we know these are the signs of a desperate nation

BBC and illegitimate White Control
Transparency for Britain means handing the land over to 'mentally enslaved Africans' who would easily 'give' the land to colonial Whites.

Media bias on the Zimbabwe Crisis
The BBC, Guardian UK, Independent UK, Daily Telegraph UK and most news feeds are misinforming the public about the Zimbabwe land affair. They choose to feature or highlight articles that sympathize with the White farmers that are crammed with lies.

Zim election - a defeat for imperialism
Since 'free and fair' elections so insistently demanded by imperialism have failed to deliver results to its liking, imperialism is busy hatching a variety of schemes for destabilising and removing the Zimbabwean regime. These schemes range from inciting disloyalty among the Zimbabwean armed forces, instigating regional and tribal tensions, and skilfully pitting the urban against the rural population, to legal challenges to have the election results annulled in several constituencies, and tightening the economic screw through the IMF, the World Bank, the EU, etc., with the intention of causing economic collapse and political turmoil.

Zimbabwe, Fiji and the hypocrisy of British Commonwealth leaders By Peter Symonds 13 March 2002

Zimbabwe's Mugabe and White Farmers
Dr. Chika A. Onyeani is Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of The African Sun Times

George W. Bush says that he is not able to recognise the election in Zimbabwe. How can he fail to? Were no black voters denied the vote in Florida? Why is the Mugabe election a fix and the Bush election not? Share your views...

¤ CIA planned to assassinate President Hugo Chavez
¤ How Kenyans see the land crisis in Zimbabwe
    > Share your views on this Zimbabwe comment..

British cash behind bid to combat Mugabe
May 21, 2000 - guardian.co.uk
A prominent group of British and American politicians and businessmen - many with energy and mining interests in Zimbabwe - are behind an international organisation to fund opposition to the regime of Robert Mugabe.

We share the blame for Zimbabwe
April 20, 2000 - guardian.co.uk
The British debt to the people of Zimbabwe runs into billions


The Scramble for Africa: White Man's Conquest of the Dark Continent from 1876 to 1912 by Thomas Pakenham
The Scramble for Africa by Thomas Pakenham
The scramble for Africa began in the mid-1870's with the purpose to colonize the "Dark Continent". In 1876 Leopold II employed Sir Henry Stanley to acquire as much land in the Congo Basin as he possibly could, which he did. With the treaties that Stanley had obtained, Leopold was able to claim the Congo legitimately, he named himself sovereign of the Congo Free State/Independent State of the Congo.

King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild
In 1908 Belgium took the lands for itself as the Belgian Congo.

Leopold II was succeeded by his nephew Albert I, who ruled from 1909-1934. He in turn was succeeded by his son, Leopold III, who ruled through 1951. He turned power over to his son Baudouin in 1951 while in exile and it was under Baudouin's reign that the Belgian Congo achieved its independence in 1960.

¤ Languages of Zimbabwe
¤ Report On The 1980s Disturbances In Matabeleland
¤ Introduction to Zimbabwe
¤ Great Zimbabwe
¤ Short history of the Commonwealth
¤ The British Empire, an Overview
¤ Slide series of the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe
¤ Culture(s) & Literature(s) of Africa
¤ Lyrics "Zimbabwe" Bob Marley - 1980
¤ Rhodesia: Unilateral Declaration of Independence:
¤ Foreign Control of African Lands and Resources

The evil that men do lives after them - and rarely more miserably than in the case of Cecil Rhodes, who died 100 years ago this month
¤ Reading by Paraffin: Cracks in the Zimbabwean Mirror
The cracks in Zimbabwe have been blatant for a number of years. After the Lancaster House Agreement and the landslide victory of Robert Mugabe's Party (ZANU-PF) in internationally recognised elections in 1980, the sense of euphoria which followed was short lived. Strikes spread rapidly throughout Zimbabwe over the following years led mainly by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).
¤ Zimbabwe
A short overview of the history, culture, and attractions of Zimbabwe from the Travel Channel.
¤ Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Selection of photos of Great Zimbabwe.
¤ Archaeology: The Riddle of Great Zimbabwe
Nice description of finding Great Zimbabwe and a map showing the site.
¤ The Web Chronology Project
Chronology of Events in Africa placing a describing Great Zimbabwe in relation to other civilizations of Africa.
¤ African Odyssey Interactive: The Kennedy Center
Links to indexes and curriculum-based resources for teaching about the arts and cultures of Africa.

Black man of the Nile and his family - by Yosef Ben-Jochannan The Need for Afrikan History in Solving the 'Black' Mental Health Crisis in 'America' and the World - by Yosef Ben-Jochannan In the Footsteps of Eve : The Mystery of Human Origins - by Lee R. Berger, Brett Hilton-Barber Human Origins : The Fossil Record - by Clark Spencer Larsen, Robert M. Matter, Daniel L. Gebo
President Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe Quotes
"The land is ours. It's not European and we have taken it, we have given it to the rightful people... Those of white extraction who happen to be in the country and are farming are welcome to do so, but they must do so on the basis of equality."

Gil Noble Interviews Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe
"It was a robbery. Daylight robbery. And we are building up a case, a separate case for that one -- for compensating us not just for the land, but for the whole act; an act of robbery; a colonial act of seizing our land; subjecting our people for a hundred years nearly, and exploiting our resources without our permission."

Oh, how they honour you to keep you away from yourself

University of Massachusetts considers revoking honorary degree from Zimbabwe leader
The issue also has surfaced at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Michigan State University, which gave Mugabe honorary degrees in 1984 and 1990, respectively.

Michigan State University Honorary
Degree Recipients 1988-1999

Mugabe received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Michigan State University in the fall of 1990.

Edinburgh moves to strip
Mugabe of degree

Robert Mugabe received his honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh at McEwan Hall in July 1984.

Strip Mugabe of knighthood, demands Tory
Mr Mugabe was created an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II.

HighBeam Search

Blair to Africa: Mugabe or Aid?
RastafariSpeaks Message Board

'This time, Bob, it's personal'
February 22, 2002 by Barrie Collins

How Kenyans see the land crisis in Zimbabwe 1 The Lancaster House (London) served as the venue for independence talks for the two countries-Kenya's in 1960s and 1970s for Zimbabwe.

Statement By His Excellency President Robert G. Mugabe
At The Millennium Summit Of The United Nations: New York, 8th September, 2000

Mugabe in the cross-hairs

Pity the poor White Zimbabwean farmer, deprived of his swimming pool, servants and gin and tonic
By Decca Aitkenhead

Modern History Sourcebook: Rhodesia: Unilateral Declaration of Independence Documents, 1965 www.fordham.edu

Rhodesians at War
by Tom Henshaw

The Rhodesian plan
By Grant Newsham

Land Issue - Fact Sheet
Zimbabwe Government

Communique Issued at the End of the International Donors' Conference on Land Reform and Resettlement
September 9 - 11, 1998

Lancaster House Agreement

Land Issue In Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Government

Global Analysis Zimbabwe

Dialogue on Zimbabwe's Turmoil Ayinde, Akinkawon, Davy

BBC's Guide to Zimbabwe's land question

Namibia: Whites could be killed

British Terrorist Assualt on Zimbabwe By Dr. K. O. Assegai

The Politics of Bitterness: Understanding the Zimbabwean Political Crisis, 1980-2005
By: Norman Mlambo (Ph.D.)

News Links:
¤ Zimbabwe Government
¤ Daily News
¤ Financial Gazette
¤ Herald, The
¤ IRIN Zimbabwe
¤ ZBC (Harare)
¤ Zimbabwe Yahoo
¤ Zimbabwe Independent

¤ University Zimbabwe
¤ Zimbabwe Resources
¤ Stanford.edu Links

¤ Pretoria News
¤ BuaNews - South African government news service

GEORGE SOROS What you should know about GEORGE SOROS and the organizations he sponsors (Mugabe Gets the Milosevic Treatment).

Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch is the Arm of George Soros

Who is behind Human Rights Watch? (2004)

Zimbabwe: News Release From the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa March 29, 2007

Zimbabwe Cracks Down on Independent Radio Station
February 1, 2006

Soros criticises Mbeki's policy on Zimbabwe December 17, 2000


About George Soros:
A review by Karen Talbot

George Soros Part 1:
Velvet Revolution, USA

By Richard Poe

IMF Sponsored "Democracy" in The Ukraine by Michel Chossudovsky

Shevardnadze accuses Soros of organising a coup d'etat in Georgia

The Secrets of the Georgian Coup, an ex-Soviet Republic
by Paul Labarique

Elections 2002 SABC

¤ SADC Statement on the Zimbabwe Elections
¤ Zimbabwe Election Reports
¤ African leaders back Mugabe
¤ African observers endorse Zimbabwe election
¤ Zuma congratulates Mugabe on his re-election
¤ Zimbabwe's bitter election free and fair, African states claim
¤ Statement of the South African Government on the Elections
¤ Mugabe win splits Africa and West
¤ Africa, West divided over Mugabe
¤ Anxious whites prepare for hasty exit

World Reacts to US Elections
How Bush became US President

Elections 2000 Flashback
Southern African Research and Documentation Centre

The Science And The Myth Of Melanin by T. Owens Moore
The Science And The
Myth Of Melanin
by T. Owens Moore

When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone
When God Was a Woman
by Merlin Stone

¤ Zimbabwe Under Siege by Dr. Simbi Mubako
¤ How new Africa made fools of the white mischief-makers
¤ Pentagon link to Guinea coup plot
¤ Land Violence and Compensation By Tapera Knox Chitiyo
¤ Asian Meltdown Hits Zimbabwe - By John E. Peck
¤ IMF policies wreak havoc in Zimbabwe
¤ Zimbabwe Under Siege - by Gregory Elich
¤ US admits plan to bring down Mugabe August 22, 2002
¤ Jews called Mugabe Racist September 5, 2001
¤ Media Bias on the Zimbabwe Crisis
¤ Media Fiasco on Zimbabwe By Hopewell Chingono
¤ Anti-Mugabe sanctions hypocritical
¤ Zimbabwe's Land Reform Programme receives a thumps up
¤ Cracks in the Zimbabwean Mirror
¤ Carrington backs Zimbabwe farmers By Andrew Unsworth
¤ Land Invasions, and lessons for the working class
¤ Land redistribution is not robbery, but a necessity
¤ Zimbabwe: "Land Reform" and Imperialist Hypocrisy
¤ Land, Violence and Compensation By Tapera Knox Chitiyo
¤ Why Mugabe is right ... and these are the facts
¤ Interview with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe
¤ Western world eager to oust President Robert Mugabe
¤ Mugabe is Right, Whites Must Give Up the Land!
¤ Levelling the Land Stakes 1992
¤ Zimbabwe: Whites condemn Mugabe African/Rasta Reasoning
¤ Mugabe is Right, Whites Must Give Up the Land

Breaking the Silence, Building True Peace
A report into the disturbances in Matabeleland
and the Midlands 1980 - 1988

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe

CIA World Factbook
Morgan Tsvangirai Morgan Tsvangirai's gaffe
January ,17 2002
Morgan Tsvangirai called for South Africa to impose sanctions against Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe - Killing Mugabe
The shocking story of the plot to assassinate Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. Surveillance video footage tells it all: Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change agrees to the 'elimination' of Mr Mugabe

Plot to assassinate Mugabe exposed

Tsvangirai denies he plotted to eliminate Mugabe

Tsvangirai accused of high treason February 2002

Charged With Treason
March 2002

Joy as Mugabe rival cleared
The court was satisfied, said Justice Garwe, that "no actual request" was made by Mr Tsvangirai for anyone to kill the President.

¤ Morgan frightens me to death June 2000


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VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!
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