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Saturday, 7 April 2007


EXPOSED! Mugabe 's hit list

Thu, 05 Apr 2007 07:43:00

Staff Writer


The Central Intelligence Organisation has purpotedly drawn up a hit list of opposition activists.

ZimDaily revealed last month that the ZANU PF MP for Mt Darwin Saviour Kasukuwere is heading the CIO hit squad tasked with eliminating opposition activist.
According to our sources Kasukuwere helped in drawing up a hit list, detailing opposition officials earmarked for assault in a crackdown intended to instill fear into the opposition and coerce them into submission.

The internal letter is headed "Death List/Confirmation on behalf of his Excellency, as per discussion", the letter is addressed to Colonel Chaminyuka of the Zimbabwe Intelligence Corps department at Defence house and its from Cde Eno in the President's office.

It lists 27 names, and includes Raymond Majongwe, human rights lawyer Arnold Tsunga, Nelson Chamisa, Lovemore Madhuku, journalist Gift Phiri who was recently abducted, MDC treasurer Roy Bennet and his brother John.

Surprisingly the list also includes ZANU PF officials for instance, Mashonaland Central governor Ephraim Masawi.

Masawi was recently named in a book by expelled ZANU PF member Edgar Tekere in which he said 'Ephraim Masawi has all the details of my bank account, and will make payments into it from time to time''. Masawi attended Tekere's book launch in Harare.

An analyst we have spoken to said it was not surprising the list includes ZANU PF officials as the CIO have in the past been tasked to eliminate ZANU PF members, and they cited Moven Mahachi, Cain Nkala and Border Gezi as examples.

For some unknown reason the list also includes some ZANU PF members that were killed some years ago, War vets leader Cain Nkala who was strangled with a shoe lace and his body was found buried in a shallow grave near Solusi University.

The government tried to incriminate the opposition in the murder, and a number of MDC activists were arrested and spent years in prison only to be released after the court dismissed the case.

Also in the list is Limukani Luphahla who was killed in Lupane, he was abducted by CIO agents who slowly burnt him to death. His body was later found dumped along the main Bulawayo -Victoria Falls road.

Again MDC activists were blamed and rounded up, the state lost the case.

For some intriguing reason, the list includes some identities in codes which can be decoded using a simple 'alfa-zulu chart'.

Some names in the list are circled by hand and include Gift Phiri who was recently abducted. The correspondence says : "Transgressions of circled persons arise from publishing and communicating false information prejudicial to the state".

"As these executions fall under the purview of ZIC and ZANU PF Security hit squad, you are therefore obliged to contact Honourable Minister Chinamasa on 772993/774620 for debrief or Minister Mutasa on 700155 who will advise you of the joint status of operations," concludes the letter.

The rest of names in the list are, Richard Mujeri, Wellington Chibanguza, Nabir Zindi, Ester Wood, Fazel Storbat, Bridgette Maphosa, Gaudencia Munemo, Rodwell Mupunga, Marceline Matikosi, Isaac Dziya, Michael Banana, Fazel and Lionel Frost.

See the letter below.

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4.5 / 5 (14 Votes)

78 Comments | Add Your Comment | Forums

The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. ZimDaily is not responsible for what they say. Please keep your comments short and to the point. Obscene, tribalistic, racist, vulgar comments will be deleted. Simple HTML is allowed for basic text editing.

What the fuck?
Posted By Rorenzi , Harare : Apr 6 2007 06:55 AM
evidence pachena zanu ndeyeropa ,so wats the way forward mazimba,iam going home to get rid of this mubvakure,dictator
Posted By jona chomunhikwi , newry,northern ireland : Apr 6 2007 07:29 AM
What more do you want
Haaaa boyz dzangu, ndo kunonzi kuuraya munhu. Makes me wonder about all those funny car accidents.
Posted By Mutiti , Paradise : Apr 6 2007 07:35 AM
no title
Guys hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those on the list should find something to do
Posted By , : Apr 6 2007 07:39 AM
Lets call them
Guys lets call the numbers on that letter, lets call till Chinamasa kills himself.
Posted By imbwa , : Apr 6 2007 07:49 AM
Zvinotyisa izvi, nyange kucommenter, guys tinobatwa. Ngatisiyane nazvo zvekungotaura zvatinoda izvi.
Posted By Talent , Nortingham UK : Apr 6 2007 07:51 AM
Mutasa and Chinamas
The two bastards have blood on their hands, thy should go to the gallows with Mugabe
Posted By Ganyamuto , USA : Apr 6 2007 07:51 AM
mujuru's ugly son
Posted By mu cio mukuru , harare : Apr 6 2007 08:00 AM
Call them
i just called the 700155 number. the fucker that answered wanted to sound all macho, but in the end u could tell he was scared
Posted By inini , south africa : Apr 6 2007 08:03 AM
The Way Foward
You Zimbabweans are surely very daft and are keeping false hopes.The following should happen. 1. Your two opposition camps should re-unite urgently. 2.Your Opposition party should not participate in talks where Mbeki is the mediator.Following the Tanzania SADC talks your opposition leaders are rushing to South Africa to engage Mbeki - what for, those fools. Prof Ncube himself has said that the ANC has been assisting ZANU(PF)in the past ,printing their election material etc.Mbeki is not an honest broker, he is there to buy time for Mugab. Vukani bantu lilaliswe yini ma Zimbabwe.That your Tedai and Ncube see any value in talking to the ANC means will surprise even a fool. 3.Your opposition parties should not participate in elections, untill a new constitution is in place, that guarantees a free and fair election. 4.You should just stop engaging each other in nonsensical debates and focus on Mugabe. Vukani Zithutha lehlukane no Mbeki usomangase.
Posted By Lungani Dlamini , Mbabane, Swaziland : Apr 6 2007 08:06 AM
call them OMA
Call them till they drop dead> Ko how far newbsite yakanzi killzanu nhai Oma?
Posted By mboroyasly inonhuwa , sososo pasi pemuti : Apr 6 2007 08:28 AM
Simomo ulizanka, uyezwa
What has Nkosi Mswati to do with this, wena zanka Siwula.Your problem is that you do not want to hear the truth.i Nkosi may have a number of wives but how many stinking hillbrow girlfriends or boyfriends do you have. You just confirming you are one of the many fools who spend time writing obscenities here instead of being constructive on how to deal with Mugabe.
Posted By Lungani Dlamini , Mbabane, Swaziland : Apr 6 2007 08:30 AM
Lungani Msuzo ka Nyoko
You started all this nonsense about us failing to deal with Mugabe. Leave us with our problem and deal with your stupid womaniser King. Sibono sakho
Posted By Simomo , South AFrica : Apr 6 2007 08:49 AM
Very good analysis LEE, UK. I went through your points. They make sense. I thought something was not right after reading this article. I thought of Morgan Freeman acting as the President of America in the other Film and Will Smith and Even the X- FILES. This article does not even match the basics .I agrees that the time to topple Robert is now and the year is 2007. I think we now have to concentrate on Uniting like what the other commentator said above and not silly and suspicious articles of this sought.
Posted By CHICO , USA : Apr 6 2007 09:04 AM
no title
Does the Author of this article think we are silly , uneducated and mental .LEE you needed not to have analysed this article for us . The article is simply rubbish . These are the people that defeats our purpose . They think they know all . Pushover and lets The Real MDC move foward . Ganyamuto LEE,s response will not be published by Herald as it again is anti-Goverment.
Posted By Feretere , AU : Apr 6 2007 09:13 AM
I was circumcised LEE not Initiated
I agree with your points but only differ on one account that i was circucised not initiated and yet i could see through this manipulated article . I felt sorry for the writer and not the readers . Advice LEE. Make shorter sentences .
Posted By Mombeshora , UK : Apr 6 2007 09:18 AM
no title
Recent study has proved that human being will always have doubt nomatter how much proof you bring. Thomas in the bible despite having been with Jesus for 3 and half years and seeing many miracles performed by Christ still doubted. I dont blame anyone who doubts the letter...its very human.
Posted By Ganyamuto , USA : Apr 6 2007 09:39 AM
DHLIWAYO from Mbabmane was trying to warn us of possible pit falls yet you start ridiculing his President . the fact that we know his wifes is no issue to this article .By the way we also do not know kuti iwe uri mwana wemukadzi wechipiri here kana chitatu so do not judge . Judge this article like what LEE , Fireman ,Ganyamuto and the like did.
Posted By Chipikiri , canada : Apr 6 2007 09:42 AM
Hondo=4th chimurenga
do you yhink we can engage ourselves into a final war of liberation? if its possible, lets start discussing the logistics now. I cant see my vote sending Mugabe to the dustbin because of the stupid, racist anti people rigistrar(not registrar) general Tobayavanhu Mudede. kusi kufa ndekupi.
Posted By born born repa UZ , lower gweru zimbabwe : Apr 6 2007 09:44 AM
very bad
this thing is generating into something else. instead of fighting the savage, we are now waging awar of words agaist ourselves. lets respect each other's opinions for opinion is free and truth is sacred. zvinonyadzisira kuna mugabe chete, not to the suffering sistren and brethren.
Posted By drogba wekwa rooney , state house : Apr 6 2007 10:03 AM
Ganyamuto, USA must apologise for Double standards
It’s very good to realise how Ganyamuto, s combat responses have changed judging from his earlier outburst calling LEE son of a Bitch after his response that showed grit and substance. What Ganyamuto did not do was to apologise for his outburst above if his latest statement is to hold water .Ganyamuto says recent Research study has demonstrated that Human being Doubts even in the face of proof . He did not quote the sources of research but yet I agree that it is now a self preserving involuntary reaction necessary considering how the truth has been manipulated in the past and present in order to bring conflicts among the interested public. Consider the following recent events that support Ganyamuto, s Study and how Humans behave . 1. The Cloning Studies : The Japan Professor thought to be a leading cloning research Expert was proven to have manipulated his research results and study method so as to achieve his intended hypothesis. He presented a body of Evidence and detailed Experiment details that passed through the stringent Lance Journal and even got published only to be found as false even in the face of evidence. That took a lot of critical analysis like what LEE did to expose this Letter or article in Question. 2. The recent Iraq war is another Example. USA and UK went to war on the basis of false intelligence that culminated in now the famous diagrammatic presentations of weapons of mass destructions by Colin Powell the former USA Secretary .The evidence was there and was Proof (Ganyamuto) to start a war only for the evidence to turn false and the proof to follow suit. Your biblical analogue of Thomas and Jesus either exposes your double standards and scares away would be believers if it is compared to your earlier out-burst .Your Quote is from the bible and therefore readers could be right to think you are a Christian or you believe in God and biblical interpretations yet you still think sons and daughters of Prostitutes and in your Words Bitch are not God’s creation and deserves Godly respect .We may differ in opinions , diverse as they are yet we ought to be pliable . If like you said you do not blame those that doubts this article you also have to apologise to LEE you insulted as son of a Bitch because he begged to differ
Posted By Chikwereti , State via nepakati : Apr 6 2007 10:16 AM
That document is genuine. I have checked it out with a friend in CIO. They are extremely concerned and are trying to find who leaked it.
Posted By Kachass , Harare : Apr 6 2007 10:22 AM
Toibva nemanyepo gore rino - Try this one
I have also checked with my blind grandmother who heard of its leakage from my deaf Uncle whose source was a drunken taxi driver who also heard from a disgrunted Zanu PF Border Gezi youth who now sweep flours in the General,s Office .Believe me its true . Heads are beggining to roll as i speak , all Goverments of the World have been informed and i am relibly informed that Mbeki is tabling this Letter at the Security Council today at three oclock .There is some panic in the Newsrooms and my grandmother who leaked this information is reportedly in hiding and is in safe heaven Homes .
Posted By Toibva ne manyepo , Chitungwiza : Apr 6 2007 10:32 AM
Mujuru's son
Posted By mu cio mukuru , harare : Apr 6 2007 10:47 AM
Lee , Uk did not understand
I am surprised that you cannot do simple grade 3 Maths. If you could, you were supposed to see that the names Wilf Mbanga, Arther Mutambara and Morgan Tsvangirai are included. Don't you know alfa-zulu coding? Your analysis would have made sense if the document was meant for publication.
Posted By Zimbo , Nortingham UK : Apr 6 2007 10:57 AM
Talking from experience i dont think a letter of its calibre could have circulated in such a manner.I dont find it credible.However if this was manufactured it has made a few people quack in their boots,so its all good
Posted By Dean martin , Moston uk : Apr 6 2007 11:14 AM
Nhamo iri kumusha
Veduwee, kumusha kune nhamo isingabviri: nhamo yeropa ravanhu. Mugabe hapana dombo raanosiya risina kupindurwa kuti arambe aine masimba okutonga. Ve ZANU(PF) varikumutadza. Vakuru vacho havamudi, asi hapana zvavanogona kuita. Kana pakaita meeting, Mugabe unouya navanhu vake vosara panze pegonhi vachiimba nokuita ma slogan iye ari mukati. Vaya vari mukati vanenge vachizvinzwa. Inenge itori intimidation yaanoita kuma politburo members kuti pashaikwe nyangwe umwe anoti pwee mu meeting imomo. Mu politburo imomo kana mu central committee vanotomutya, hapana anoita nharo. Zvokuuraya vanhu izvi hazviperi; ndiwo matongere a Mugabe iwayo. Chaanoda chete masimba ehurumende; haana basa noruzhinji rwemaZimbabweans.
Posted By Muzaya , London, UK : Apr 6 2007 11:34 AM
Tragedy at home
[English translation of above]: Folks, there is a real tragedy going on at home: a tragedy of blood. Mugabe will leave no stone unturned to ensure that he remains in power. His ZANU(PF) party are failing to dislodge him. Senior members of the party do not want him, but there is little they can do. When there is a meeting, Mugabe turns up with a retinue of his supporters, and they stay outside the door singing and shouting sycophantic slogans while he is inside. Those in the meeting would be hearing all this. This is one form of intimidation he uses to politburo members to ensure there is no dissent. He instills fear to all within the central committee and politburo. Killing dissenters is part of what Mugabe does; that is the way he knows to rule. The only thing he wants is power; he doesn't care about the plight of the majority of Zimbabweans.
Posted By Muzaya , London, UK : Apr 6 2007 11:34 AM
no title
The problem now we face in the struggle to unseat Robert Mugabe is to believe that anything will do or serve the purpose . The bring a hammer , piki, shovel, rhekeni ,needle and stick approach will not work . We need a coordinated carefully planned campaign one were such dubiou and manufuctured lies as in this article are filtered by osmosis and our voters fed on the Diet of facts not fear as what Zanu Pf has done in its History . No one must monopolise the struggle , it does not belong to one persons no wonder we have voted for Robert for 27years . goosh it has been so long . By the way qUOTE OF THE dAY GOES TO lEE ( the Un-initiated are easily impressed - not me ).how did you think of it send me an email on furamera@yahoo.co.uk
Posted By Furamera , uk : Apr 6 2007 11:42 AM
What Staff Writer writes this Stuff
zimdaily must be aware of such staff writers that undermine their readership,s intelligence . I read Zimdaily every day before going to bed and never have i seen such nonsense like this Letter .You think we are all fools . You wasted my time reading this manufuctured scrap . we need Zimdaily to expose Real crimes of Humanity being done by the current regime not this fiction riddicled or infested with special effects . Its not a film thats happenning in Zimbabwe . Its people,s lives we are talking about not dreams .
Posted By Mereki Joza , Joza : Apr 6 2007 11:52 AM
Lee, Chico, Feretere, etc
Back home if 4-5 people group together and are found by the police, they will be disbanded. Mugabe openly told SADC leaders that Tsvangirayi "takamurakasha". This was reported worldwide, he didnt mince his words. So do you think you are dealing with a sane man? Nothing worries mugabe, if he can tell western leaders to "go hang" publicly, to me this man has lost sanity and will stop at nothing. Also remember that he is surrounded by dull people so dont compare the standard and format of this letter to the X-Files, SS, CIA. This letter is as genuine as it looks.
Posted By Mbuya Rennie , Bristol, UK : Apr 6 2007 11:53 AM
thank you very much for pointing out the facts to some fools on this site ndiani asingazive alpha-zulu code its the simple alphabet code wher 1 represents aand 2 stands for b and so forth i know mamwe madofo anga akutozvimba ndebvu trying to figure out wats happening.as much as i would find it hard to believe this article,mainly because im getting sick oof unsubstantiated articles being written by untrained people masquarading as journalists and also mainly because its written in layman terms which poses a risk in case of leak of information to whoever the perpetrators are.i however will not brush this as nonsence i think it could be true given that zanu pf old horses would not bother with anything complicated in cases people like chinotimba are involved.
Posted By mat , : Apr 6 2007 11:59 AM
no title
can anyone tell us what happened to another story which was published last weekend about a supoosedly faild cop de tat which resulted in the persecution of 14 army officials?if such cases go unsubstantiated its no wonder people will start doubting the validity of any information published on this site.im getting a feeling that Mawere may have something to do with the release of information of this calibre on this site.i cant think of anyone else who has strong connections to saviour kasukuwere.just my opinion
Posted By matra , : Apr 6 2007 12:05 PM
Duty for cars in forex
I know this is not related to the hit list discussion. just to let all of you my fellow zimbabweans. Zimra as from 5 April is charging duty in forex for cars. So those of you who were planning to buy cars you have to reconsider or factor in that duty will now be in hard currency
Posted By shumbayenzara , Binga metroplois : Apr 6 2007 12:10 PM
no title
come to think of it i dont think the editors of thi ssite would publish dubious sruff unless they dont care about the reputation of this site.just as we left newzimbabwe for reasons we shall not waste time ellabirating here,we can also march out of this site.also considering that people's names are mentioned on this list i am sure the editors understand the extense of seriousness that matters like this will we regarded if anything goes amiss with the people concerned.
Posted By matra , : Apr 6 2007 12:11 PM
thanks for the advice its much apreciated now if u can give us ur opinion regarding the issues at hand
Posted By matra , : Apr 6 2007 12:15 PM
This is genuine material transmitted to us by reliable CIO operatives. In fact we have more shocking documents.
Posted By ZimDaily , London, UK : Apr 6 2007 12:33 PM
Zanu-PF crooks
You Zanu Idiots we know your tactics of trying to dismiss anything even when you are exposed beyond any reasonable doubt of your activities. There is no reason to lie about a document like this. Remember the CIO is a secretive organisation and are taught to fiercely deny anything and at times even sacrifice their own by eliminating them when sensitive information like this is intercepted.
Posted By Ex-CIO , Gaborone, Botswana : Apr 6 2007 12:40 PM
what list
I have no interest in forged documents
Posted By Guti, Zekia , Mozambique : Apr 6 2007 12:50 PM
Ndiyani akuti uverenge? Musoro wakabhenda
Posted By Ganyamuto , USA : Apr 6 2007 12:57 PM
fake document
this document is cearly a fake document, mugabe would not be as stupid as to kill tsvangirai or mutambara the two names that have been coded. the third name would be someone who is hardly known thus does not need to be named. as much as there is violence and hiy lists you must calculate how these targets affect BOBs political image, and some of these targets such as tsvangirai have influencial investors it would be costly to kill them coz a lot of funds being distributed on the parallel market originate from their european sponsors eg Norway (where MDC is claimed to hve originated)lets be realistic please. why is it zimdaily is the only one with such information.
Posted By sadc intelligence , south africa : Apr 6 2007 01:01 PM
Lee's analysis
I think the editor deleted it because it was too long but just rubbish like (Gorge Charamba)Nathaniel Manheru's articles of Herald.
Posted By Zimbo , Nortingham UK : Apr 6 2007 01:06 PM
SADC Intelligence
You tell us Mugabe is not Stupid, are you serious about that? Of course Mugabe is a stupid demented old PIG
Posted By Agnes , UK : Apr 6 2007 01:13 PM
Discredited minds
People who are discrediting this document have discredited minds!!
Posted By Muchoni , Mauritius : Apr 6 2007 01:38 PM
CIO Memo
To Editor: If you have more shocking documents than these, why don't you show them to relevant authories: UNHCR, Hague Court, US State Department, UK Foreign Office, SA government, AU, UK Prime Minister, etc? We need as many forces on our side as possible.
Posted By Muzaya , London, UK : Apr 6 2007 02:04 PM
If you listerned to Zimnetradio yesterday,there is this guy who ran away from the C10 and went to Namibia,he took with him C10 documents and is circultaing them.Am sure this is just but the begining of Mugabe's C1O exposure. Some documents are said to have information about the C1O bombings that are taking place. Someone was saying there is a list I think which also contains the names of all CIO operatives.
Posted By Marcopolo Moyo , Havana ,Cuba : Apr 6 2007 02:16 PM
Mr editor usajute
I dont know if its only me but list looks fake. I used fake doctors latters in university and i did a better job than what that list looks like. lol
Posted By Chipenis Fire , Montreal, Canada : Apr 6 2007 02:25 PM
Call the numbers
Why dont you call the numbers to check for yourselves. Do not just dicredit everything mhani. If Mugabe can assault Tsvangirai and go national YV and say he deserves it what makes you think such a document can be fake.
Posted By Ganyamuto , USA : Apr 6 2007 02:33 PM
I do not know where you are getting your information about duty on imported cars being levied in foreign currency.For that to happen,the RBZ has to make an announcement in the monetary review policy document.ZIMRA doesnt not have the power of over that.If you go on their website under public notices for 2007, there is no mention of that fact.The latest public notice was posted on the 25th of March 2007 on payments of quarteroly taxes.
Posted By Rojasi , London, UK : Apr 6 2007 02:56 PM
this is true copy
As a security professional and specialist I can say this letter is 99.9% genuine. The points are as follows 1. From the alfa-zulu chart the first name circled is WILF MBANGA,the second is ARTHUR MUTAMBARA and the third is MORGAN TSVANGIRAI.For obvious reasons these names had to be coded. 2.The letter is typed using an Electronic type writer instead of a pc printer.Most CIO and police offices still use the old type writer instead of the computer where the data will remains on the hard drive.Also most of the CIO operatives are not computer literate hence the continued use of manual typewriters. 3.The date stamp on the letter is a genuine CIO date stamp. 4.From the list on the letter an attempt has already been made on the following's lives; NELSON CHAMISA, MORGAN TSVANGIRAI,GIFT PHIRI,LOVEMORE MADHUKU, RAYMOND MAJONGWE, ROY BENNET, 5.The inclusion of Cain Nkala and Limukani Luphahla is just a spice in the works because thats job done. If you see your name on the list and you think its fake then don't say we did'nt tell you
Posted By Dread Tichatonga , London City : Apr 6 2007 03:05 PM
Mr editor do u still stand by your coup story
Mr editor you published a story last week about the coup d'etat attempt in Harare. That story was later removed from your site before later articles. does the botched coup story check out? That also begs does this story check out.Let us have some truthful reporting please. We all want to remove Mugabe but we need to report the events as they happen. Even in American newspapers there are false reports that leak out as in the Texas National Guard issue that culminated in Dan Rather the CBS and 60 Minutes Host resigning.The letter lists Minister's names but the author does not list his name. On furthur perusal why would a dead person still be on a to do list? the zimbabwe government uses reference numbers for all its correspondence and clearly this was not the case. However the telephone call by Studio7news.com revealed that the are standard denials about a hit list. With out the person asking for a copy of the said list they were keen to simply deny that a hit list existed.
Posted By maryanne , dallas texas : Apr 6 2007 03:12 PM
Dread Tichatonga
Thaks Dread Ndizvo newe!!
Posted By Muchoni , Mauritius : Apr 6 2007 03:13 PM
no title
Yes we stand by the coup story. Our sources disappeared, we do not even know what has happened of them. The story has not been removed from the site, a simple search will bring it out. Its not easy to verify anything given the current environment in Zimbabwe. History will prove us right.
Posted By Admin , UK : Apr 6 2007 03:24 PM
The coup Story
It was an April fools day. I think Zimdaily owes it to their readers for explanation
Posted By Humbulani , : Apr 6 2007 03:50 PM
Oh My God!!
Is this for real people?
Posted By Mai Chakuti , Hre,Mbaresdale : Apr 6 2007 05:06 PM
Mai Chakuti
Ofcourse its real..you are also there on the list...your name appears in the circled code....NOW START RUNNING
Posted By Ganyamuto , USA : Apr 6 2007 05:32 PM
Please phone the above numbers. I phoned and the guys are really scarred they tried to get my number but I was using a call card.
Posted By Sekuru Mujere , UK NI : Apr 6 2007 05:54 PM
names in figures basopo
veduwee ndatobva kunotenga pfuti yangu. tuesday ndotobaya kumusha ndinopedzisa nyaya. muzondiyeuka vehama coz ini handina matyira manje. ko icho chakaita kuti vanyore mazita a:1-morgan tsvangirai, 2-arthur mutambara, 3-wil f mbanga in figures chii? wavanofunga kuti idofo ndiani? bastards!!!!
Posted By chirandu , essex, uk : Apr 6 2007 05:56 PM
Think before you accept
I think this so called evidence was "doctored". I can easily Photoshop anything like this. I'm surprised how people are accepting of this. I believe in the time, when everything see to be going downhill in Zimbabwe, people are ready to accept anything and place the blame on somebody. While the evidence might be rational, I think we should reserve the right to readily accept anything brought forward as credible. Haikonai kutambira zvese zvese veduwe-e. Tangai mawongorora.
Posted By Sabhuku Chikoto , Tashkent, Uzbekistan : Apr 6 2007 06:27 PM
Anything can be photoshopped, even money you can photoshop it. Never mind the document, look at the events in Zimbabwe...did ZimDaily photoshop Chamisa's beating? Remember they beat him with an iron bar to cause the maximum possible damage, possibly to kill him....Did we photoshop Majongwe's abduction? Did we photoshop Gift Phiri's arrest and torture? Remember no-one is asking you to believe it.
Posted By ZimDaily , London, UK : Apr 6 2007 06:36 PM
I believe in Zimdaily
I believe in most of the stories run by zimdaily. They are my ears and eyes when it comes to Zim matters. Those that dont believe are the stereotyped Herald readers. Here, itsfreedom of expression without fear. Big-up ZIMDAILY. The only story I still believe was "AN APRIL FOOLS DAY" was about the coup. Ganyamuto ahs sense of humour guys. Your contribution here is growing. You are moving from one line sentence to more constructive ones. Ambuya Rennie, you are loyal too. Agnes, I see you are one angry reader too. Charan Muzaya, you one clever and bring provagative thoughts. I like that. To the rest, keep reading
Posted By Humbulani , : Apr 6 2007 06:52 PM
I am shocked you confirmed the story
You said the coup story was leaked by people in the South African National Intelligence Agency. (NIA)Since the source disppeared; surely the South Africans are not disappearing, are they Mr Editor? Now this story about hit squads comes by way of another source. Get Real!!!!!
Posted By mary Anne , dallas texas : Apr 6 2007 07:49 PM
Mary Anne
South African Intellegence sources supplied with the info. Pictures were taken by our sources in Zimbabwe. Anyway we dont have to explain anything. Believe what you want.
Posted By Admin , UK : Apr 6 2007 07:57 PM
Anything in this world can be forged, as already said forget the document and analyse the contents. Are any of the guys in the document state targets if yes then there is no argument.
Posted By Document ranetsa iri , USA : Apr 6 2007 08:13 PM
I called 700150 at 8.30am Zim tym
I called the numbers as soon as this was published, at about 8.30am in Zimbabwe. This shit is legit and here is why. After trying all the numbers, noone picked up. After a while someone picked up the 700150 number. I told them their list is in the wrong hands, then the guy put me on hold and someone else took the phone, apparently a superior. He asked what list, and I bluntly said the hit list dated 03/22. Then he is like what list again? And I read the first three names on the list and then he said, who is this, then I said I am Border Gezi. He was quiet for about 4 seconds then he said where is the list, then I said "where is it not, the bbc, cnn, cfi, voa, un etc. Then he laughed and asked again who I was, I said, Border Gezi like I said before. Surprisingly he didnt hang up the whole time. Then he said you know we can track you down. Then I laughed and said, so when should I expect you. (he still didnt hang up) This small talk lasted about 7 more minutes then when my phone card was running out I said, you know the chef (mugabe) isnt going to be happy about this leak right? He was quiet and the I hung up. If you think I am lying call the same number during business hours on monday and say something similar.
Posted By Verifier , OMA : Apr 6 2007 08:43 PM
Hit List
Gentleman, anyone who visits a webpage like Zimdaily.com does so at their own wish. Information which is not referenced is not classified as a "primary source" therefore its entirely up to an individual to extract what information they think is correct. Let us only focus on the results that zimdaily is trying to achieve on behalf of all patriotic Zimbas. Zimdaily ndizvo.
Posted By Mbuya Rennie , Bristol, UK : Apr 6 2007 08:50 PM
Thank you Zimdaily
Posted By THANK YOU , london : Apr 6 2007 09:05 PM
Whether this particular story is true in its entirety is not the point. The point is there have been countless attempts on Zimbabwean opposition figures' lives(and common folks) already. Ndiyani asina kuona kupondwa-pondwa kwaTsvangirai, Chamisa, Jongwe's poisoning, Tichaona Chiminya's daylight firebombing etc etc? They don't even need these documents to murder people. It has already happened. All papers get some issues wrong at one time or other but the point blood is already running in the streets of Harare and everyone is seeing that. Ndapedza ini mhani.
Posted By Rumours of War , Hillbrow, WENERA : Apr 6 2007 11:19 PM
Evidence urimbwa
Ye of little faith, do you want Mugabe to personally come and tell you Zanu assasinates people. Think of all those "accidents" Pamire, even Gezi. Think of Nkala, and that report on ZBC with 2 guys claiming to have done it. If you want lies you should be reading the herald and not Zimdaily coz Zimdaily is simply presenting material brought forward. Your hair cut comment wasnt even funny, I bet you masturbate every night.
Posted By Verifier , OMA : Apr 6 2007 11:21 PM
Zimbos are cowards
theire is nothing new under the sun, think of all the nebele ministers, that died in misterious car accidents on straight streets. How great is the possibility, that mugabe has one?? Punkture the tyers of all government cars. Make it impossible for them to move. Even Army cars need wheels, so do chines jets.
Posted By fuck the police , Zim, harare : Apr 7 2007 04:51 PM
Zimbos are cowards
And make your own List, with mugabe on top
Posted By fuck the police , Zim,harare : Apr 7 2007 04:53 PM
Not surprising at all
This is not a surprise,we allknow what the Mugabenites can do.These Bobojanis (Bob and his loyalists. Theirs is more than hell.
Posted By Leo , Bulawayo-Zimbabwe : Apr 8 2007 07:51 AM
Lets be realistic
This letter smells is a hoax. Albeit it looks so authentic and has a grain of truth in it, it still smacks as a scam.These Zanu PF pple are not stupid mind you. They would not just have their info out like that. It would be coded and given a code name like "Operation Chibage" or sumthn.Remember these are the same guys that have been killing pple for the past 3 decades. Lets face it , most of them are trained in Israel, Korea and China. Check this out, the addressee major Chakanyuka should be known to the so called Cde Eno and he has to have a code name he goes by for the operation. He would have been briefed on such an "important" mattets anyway, so there's no reason to list the 4n numbers of Chinamasa and Mutasa. Remember these are high ranking officials and would be known by other names as a disguise. The author of this letter no doubt is privy to some 'intelligence' and could also be right about the hit list, but this is not the original letter. No Sir. It is unfortunate that some pple can easily be fooled by this hoax. For a well placed person like the author, if s/he is privy to such 'top secrets', of course s/he can access letterheads and zvidhindho is child's play since he is an insider. Look at the certification. S/he wants us to think its a 'true copy of the original'...please, give us a break, murikutinyepera. I used to work in the CIO,its not like that in there. What is Cde Eno trying to achieve by certifying that document. There's no need.By the way Government has emails too. This would be a major security issue done discreetly. Ndaramba wena. Nice try baba kana mhamha.By the way, the phone numbers are real, but musanyeperwa veduwee!
Posted By Simon Manyota , Cardiff, Wales : Apr 9 2007 03:42 AM
no title
If this is what Zanu PF and Jongwe are up to then they are truly dumb and really really desperate. I don't actually think that they would assassinate Tsvangirai and or Mutambara. They could do the journalists, they could definitely take out their own guys but I think that if they killed Tsvangy and Arthur, the shit would definitely hit the fan in a big big way and under such circumstances Bob's isolation would be complete, even toothless SADC would have to show some displeasure at that (what a buch of tossers). Mind you Zanu's hit squad could organise some very real car accidents as they have done over the years and I could be proven wrong. This monster is definitely heartless and now because he is so desperate he will do anything. I say more power to the petrol bombers and may they bomb a lot more police stations and Zanu PF businesses. When all else fails you fight back. Bomb the bloody CIO offices too. If we don't fight, no one will do it for us so to hell with all those who remain unsupportive of those who are doing something to help get rid of the dictator. Hats off to the brave men and women of Zimdaily who are obviously targeted by this brutal regime for the their good work in the resistance. We shall prevail. You cannot fight the will of the people forever, history has many lessons for Mugabe and his cronies. And South Africans, here is a premonition for you. One day it's you who will be crossing borders fleeing North when your ANC turns on you. You watch this space, the day the ANC's dominance is challenged you will know what it was like for us Zimbabweans. A word of advice, don't turn the ANC into demi-gods, we did it with Bob and now we're paying the price.
Posted By Hannibal , West Country, UK : Apr 9 2007 10:19 AM
well its all up to yourself to think its true or not only time will tell.
Posted By k.nyaminyami , southend,uk : Apr 9 2007 12:47 PM
mr Lungani Dlamini
my freind, im shocked by lack of objectivity in ur comment!!! u sit in ur high chair and call abantu bezimbabwe 'fools' and 'izithutha' as if u know anything about their struggles..u are very disillusioned if u think that ur 3 points have never been tried and that by some stroke of genius, u r the only 1 who thinks like that!! in ur opinion then, who should the zimboz talk to?? clearly, mbeki is the only african leader willing to engage in any form of bringing stability to the contry..while it may be true that mbeki is inneficient, we cannot say zimbabweans are spoiled for choice..i do, however, agree fully with u when u say that they shud stop fighting within themselves and unite against the common foe.that for, is the beggining of the solution..i look forward to ur response
Posted By mayibongwe ncube , south africa : Apr 10 2007 01:22 PM
Manufacturers of lies.
Ladies and Gentlemen,you know very well that ZANU PF has a criminal tendency of creating trouble and blaming it on MDC, evidenced by the three pretrol bombs last few weeks. These were thrown by ZANU PF and all our commentators last week concurred to that. Now MDC is learning fast the criminality of ZANU PF.They are creating CIO stamps and drafting fictitious letters to make the international world especially Geroge Bush to send troops to Iraq-mbwe, I mean Zimbabwe. Mugabe is clever than this gentlemen even Tsvangirai needs a brain overhaul to be able to function at just 20% of Mugabe's tanacity.So what is the point? The point is this is another futile scandal manufactured by the media to twist our minds.See the journalist did not even have the audacity to put his name. He just said Staff writter. This is not authentic and we should not believe it.If ZANU PF wants to send someone to heaven or hell they do not bark like this writter is purporting.They just design an accident for you. Remember all those guys who perished in accidents did you see their execution list. This document was produced to enkiddle a debate and surely we have succumbed to it.Even us ma-introverts.
Posted By Zvanguzvauya , UK : Apr 10 2007 02:42 PM
I agree with Dlamini guy from Swati. Why do we trust Mbeki? He is being given the opportunity to mess us up the way he wants. I dont think Mbeki believes the opposition in Zim deserves any respect. He does not care about the common man in the streets of zimbabwe. To him Zimbabwe is a case study which allows him to periodical spew out his anti imperialistic rhetoric. He will lead the opposition into a flawed election and ask them to accept the outcome. Already one can safely say options for a free election have diminished. We are just damned to have Mugabe and those who follow him. Kodwa ma Shona salitshela ngomuntu wenu lo. As for the list, they have been many lists. I have been in one in one list. I hope they have now misplaced it.
Posted By Walter Dube , JHB, SOUTH AFRICA : Apr 10 2007 02:54 PM
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Anonymous said...

I am not surprised they assasinated Joseph Magidi in 1999 .He was a very honourable man to work with ,intelligent and dedicated to his work and family .They arrested his son i wonder how his wife and children are coping.working for the presidents office is signing your death warrant .no wonder why i fled. john UK

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