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Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Zimbabwe is about White Supremacy

BY John Iteshi




Racism, the worst kind of racism is the only reason for British media's
obsessions about Mugabe. Nothing in Zimbabwe equates to one tenth of what
happens in each of the 36 states of Nigeria. What the opposition leader
Morgan Tsvangirai, did by trying to instigate mass uprising, cannot be
attempted successfully by anybody in Nigeria today. Just dreaming of it
aloud will put you in jail in Nigeria let alone starting it. Before 2003
general elections key political opponents of the Federal government and
various state governments were assassinated, but they made no real news to
BBC and other western media. Just few months ago in Ebonyi State one of the
poorest States, the governor locked up two journalists for over three months
for publishing articles which accused the governor, Sam Egwu of corruption
in a local newspaper. What a pity, this fact did not make any news to the
democracy loving western media! Currently, oppositions at all levels are
being openly suppressed and systematically excluded from contesting the next
elections by the electoral body headed by a government stooge (in fact there
are clear evidence that the head of the electoral body has forged
certificate but he cannot be removed because he has a mission to install
government candidates). The vice president of Nigeria is openly humiliated
and denied his official privileges just for standing up against the plot by
the president to extend his rule through the back door. One would have
expected the democracy loving white world to stand up against the evil
regime of Obasanjo, but nothing like that has happened.

The clear message being sent across Black Africa seems to be that all one
needs to succeed as president of his country is to be a friend of the west
even at the expense of his people just like Obasanjo and not transparency
and good governance. The fact is now clearest that any Black African leader
regarded as good by the west is definitely evil or incompetent. Example
Obasanjo vis-à-vis General Abacha who was condemned in the west but has left
indelible landmarks of great infrastructural development in Nigeria... For
the benefit of those who are unaware of the facts. Abacha ruled Nigeria
between November 1993 and June 1998 during which the oil market was not at
all booming, but used the meagre resources wisely enough to rehabilitate
roads, hospitals universities and other public amenities through the
Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). Obasanjo's democracy has ruled Nigeria since may
1999 witnessing unprecedented increase in revenue through the unprecedented
oil boom and irresponsible disposals of the most lucrative public
corporations in the name of privatisation, but has achieved virtually no
definite success in any sector. Roads are basically left where Abacha left
them in 1998 and I speak as an enlightened Nigerian who knows Nigeria. I
visited Nigeria in 2005 October and travelled by coach round the country to
see if there has been any changes. I travelled from Abuja to Abakaliki via
Enugu; from Enugu to Onitsha - Benin - Ore - Lagos and from Lagos to
Ibadan-Okene-Abuja and was shocked to see that we have wasted 8years of
unprecedented economic boom. There are global drumming about economic
reforms and progress in Nigeria, while the reality is that only white rogues
collaborating with the government are the gainers. Destroying landline
phones networks and public payphones in order to force every Nigerian to
depend on GSM (which enriches mainly white South Africans) is what people
call economic progress in Nigeria. The fact that western media and their
governments have continued to praise a government as evil as Obasanjo's
despite clear evidences of everything they claim to stand against makes me
confident that any government condemned by the west might not be all bad
after all. Perhaps, Idi Amin might have not been as bad!
It seems to me that the only reason the white world is against Mugabe is
because he expelled white farmers because genuine concern for the Black race
would have meant that Nigeria being the largest Black society would be given
greater focus. It is now clear to me that BBC and other British media are
far worse than the British National Party (BNP) which is labelled racist.
The BNP is not threatening the existence and survival of the Black race
while British journalists are. I am most grateful for the hospitality of the
British state for affording me the good life and respect that no Black
country can afford its Black citizens. I do not shy away from the hard fact
that the most racist white country would treat ordinary Black immigrants
better than the best Black country would treat its own citizens. Therefore,
I am grateful to Britain, but at the same time believe that my people must
be enlightened about the true location of racism. The real racism is not
about local people genuinely resenting to uncontrolled immigration of
dubious people into their country. I put myself in the shoes of ordinary
white British people who have no other country to run to! What I call racism
at its worst is the one-sided stand of the "white world" on Zimbabwe.

It is accepted that the takeover of white farms could have been more
diplomatically done, but it cannot justify the current scale of global
condemnation of Mugabe. What the white supremacists pretending to be
messiahs are insinuating is that Zimbabwe cannot survive without white
farmers who clearly were not even farming to feed Zimbabweans in the first
place. What is being propagated around the world is that no Black country
can survive on its own even though, I know that there had been no evidence
of starvation since the controversial take over of farms. What needs to be
done by enlightened and decolonised Black people is to rally round and use
the Zimbabwean case as an inspiration for building successful societies.
Zimbabwe is by far more democratic and successful than most other Black
African countries like Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, DRC etc., but today it bears
the ignoble reputation of being one of the worst places to live in. Even
though nobody can prove that the best of the 36 state governors of Nigeria
is not worst than 10 Mugabes as I have severally challenged the BBC to do,
we are still being fed with lies about Mugabe. It is therefore very clear
that Mugabe would have remained a friend of the west if he had not expelled
white farmers. Hence, it is purely and squarely about race!
John Iteshi



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VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!

VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!
Tichasvika chete!

"....zvama 'dhisnyongoro'....!"

"....zvama 'dhisnyongoro'....!"
The same demo in JHB...more on www.fozc.blogspot.com