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Monday, 26 March 2007


Press Statement

24 March 2007

MDC Rejects ZANU-PF Divide and Rule Tactics

The MDC unequivocally rejects with total contempt attempts by the rogue
regime of Robert Mugabe to divide the democratic forces in the opposition.

Today the 24th of March 2007, the government announced through its media
mouthpieces that it had allowed the MDC to proceed to hold a rally in St
Mary's Chitungwiza., barely three days after it had formally written to the
MDC and advised that it would not sanction such a rally. It is very clear to
us in the MDC that the tainted olive branch being proffered by the
dysfunctional Mugabe regime is no more than sugar coated poison aimed at
dividing an opposition that is united to ensure that the regime will never
have another moment of peace until it is driven out.

The Government of Robert Mugabe has no iota of a moral right or authority to
decide on who should or should not hold a rally. As a Party, we do not
believe that our survival or our political fortunes depend on holding
rallies sanctioned by anyone, ZANU-PF for that matter. We reject in the
strongest of terms any attempt at such a suggestion. It should be clear to
Robert Mugabe and his surrogates that selective application of the law will
never have any takers in the democratic movement. If ZANU-PF, which has no
moral authority to do so denies Morgan Tsvangirai the right to hold a rally-
Arthur Mutambara will never accept to proceed with such a rally. Equally so,
if Arthur Mutambara is denied the right to hold a rally- then Morgan
Tsvangirai should never agree to accept the dishonest gestures of ZANU-PF.

Mugabe should know in very clear and uncertain terms that any injury
inflicted on one democratic force is a clear assault on all forces.

The seriousness of ZANU-PF in allowing our rally to proceed at the eleventh
hour is criminal and typical of a regime bent on fermenting disunity among
Zimbabweans. If at all ZANU-PF was serious, it should have given the people
of Zimbabwe and Chitungwiza in particular a public apology. From the time
that we announced that we would hold a rally in Chitungwiza, the amount of
abuse that has been visited upon our supporters is horrific. The Member of
Parliament for St Mary's home was ransacked and he was hounded into hiding
as if he is a common criminal, several party supporters were assaulted
brutalized and arrested, as late as this afternoon.

The evil nature of ZANU-PF and their total disdain for the opposition is
typified in this weak willed attempt at giving civil liberties. Robert
Mugabe can keep his benevolence, until the day that he publicly and with a
great show of contrition apologizes for the deaths of Gift Tandare and Itai
Manyeruke. There must be public display of remorse for the brutal assaults
on all opposition leaders over the last two weeks. We thank Mugabe for
nothing and never shall we beg him for anything. People of Zimbabwe will
reclaim their rights, by any means necessary.

The principle of the MDC Defiance Campaign is not that we will only
participate in rallies that have been outlawed by ZANU-PF but rather it is a
rejection of ZANU-PF machinations in all their forms. We do not depend on
ZANU-PF whims to grant the people their right to exercise their inalienable
rights. We therefore choose to defy the half hearted and evil gesture of
ZANU-PF of purportedly allowing us to hold a rally in St Mary's while
denying everyone else the same right. Let it be clear to Mugabe today that
no genuine democratic force will pander to the illusionary whims of ZANU-PF
and agree to crumbs of justice unwillingly dropped from his ivory tower,

The MDC demands that ZANU-PF unconditionally and without any shadow of
selective application of laws and rights, immediately return to all citizens
of Zimbabwe their right to freedom of Assembly and Association that it has
criminally usurped. ZANU-PF should further apologise to the Zimbabwean
people for its crimes against humanity and forthwith restore all civil
liberties unconditionally.

The MDC Defiance campaign will continue unabated. It will not be railroaded
by such feeble and distasteful fantasies by ZANU-PF of a divided opposition
grateful to receive mercies from an illegitimate regime. We will not allow
ZANU-PF to set he agenda in Zimbabwe. We will not allow ZANU-PF to divide
and rule the opposition.

Consequently, the MDC will not participate in a ZANU-PF sanctioned rally in
Chitungwiza on the 25th of March 2007.

It is defiance or death, and we choose to defy and confront.

Hon P. Misihairabwi-Mushonga

MDC Deputy Secretary General

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your article has raised some so many serious points about the crisis in Zimbabwe that it left me wonder if you actually remember yourself the abolition of slavery. If you do not, I can suddenly assure you Mr. Mugabe - and not his home oppositions and foreign enemies - actually does. Even the African Muslim website www.esinislam.com known for its negative approaches on Western news strikes the balance on Zimbawe's conditions

As a senior Envagelist and active minister of the anglican Church, I have begun to accept the suggestions of the African Muslim website www.esinislam.com that the Africans feel they could relate to Islam because it does not support the oppressors. I had just come out of this so-called pan-African onesided site angry and depressed only to reach your site from a BBC link and get even worse enraged and disturbed.

To say your comment about Mbeki's silent policies as an encouragemnt for Mugabe is depressing is an understatement. Though, I found your article extremely informative and rich in its styles, your indirect attacks on other African leaders is as disturbing as for me as a pastor to turn to those African Muslims at www.esinislam.com, especially their Sheikh the West African academic Sheikh Adelabu for a baptism. It's wrecking! The Zimbabwean deserve respect of all commentators for the one they had chosen to be their leader. It's Mugabe - whatever his enemies say about him - an elected president. Period!

Simon Nkomo



VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!

VaRadical Soldier ku Joburg pa"Anti-Mugabe" demo!
Tichasvika chete!

"....zvama 'dhisnyongoro'....!"

"....zvama 'dhisnyongoro'....!"
The same demo in JHB...more on www.fozc.blogspot.com